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How many types of microfibers are there?

Keep in mind microfiber is a generic word and can be used in several different ways. True "NOT FAKE" microfiber will be at least 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Again that doesn't mean much. The difference is in the machine that molds the microfiber cloth and then splits it and how it is processed that will determine it capabilities that will set it aside from all the rest.

What is a Microfiber GSM

A gsm in the term for microfiber will base the square meter weight. Generally the higher the number of gsm's the better quality of the microfiber cloth. Keep in mind that all microfiber cloths are made differently.

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For example you may be searching for microfiber ultra-suede that is a very thin cloth for polishing yet the standard gsm weight on this will read 200gsm. A 200gsm is actually a good weight for this ultra-smooth cloth.

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We prefer the 220gsm or 240gsm and we have actually had these made as high as 320gsm. Now if we are talking about the microfiber terry weave microfiber, the standard in quality microfiber would be 300gsm.

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300 GSM Terry Microfiber

We would consider this a premium quality. Most generic brand microfiber towels that you will see in the stores can be as low as 180gsm so know ahead of time what you are buying buy purchasing a sample first. Also look at the percentage of polyester and polyamide on the label. Some companies will even do a play on words on their packaging by marking it 100% Microfiber which is only 100% polyester and will not do the job.

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